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Along with the support you get from TeamingUp Coaches and Champions, you can connect with the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). The DOC is an online home for anyone and everyone touched by diabetes. Use it when you want to share a picture or pick up a tip, or when you just want to feel connected to people who are facing the things you’re facing.

The DOC is made up of people with diabetes, care partners, healthcare providers, foundations, organizations, and associations that are engaging online, offering support, and sharing knowledge to help improve life with diabetes.

Listen and be heard

There are many benefits to connecting through social media. Here are just a few:

  • Get practical insights about dealing with diabetes
  • Share challenges, stresses, and victories
  • Feel less isolated living with or caring for someone with diabetes
  • Stay informed about diabetes research, technologies, treatments, and more
  • Find someone with diabetes going through your stage of life (such as college, pregnancy, or retirement)
  • Advocate for diabetes causes and concerns


You’ll find thousands of diabetes groups on Facebook. Be sure to start with TeamingUp For Diabetes.


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